Wednesday, 15 October 2008

IPhone Development - Tab Bar View Controller

So, I've been learning to play with the Cocoa Touch framework... in all it's wonderful complexities. The first issue that I came along was with a Tab Bar View (Controller). My trouble was once I had created a new tab bar item, I couldn't get it to link to an external Nib file. Here is the solution (I'll point out the bit that I was missing). Let's pretend the new view and controller are called FunnyView and FunnyViewController.

Once you have created your external Nib for Funny View, you need to set the File's Owner to be FunnyViewController (it's in the Class box on the inspector pane). This is where I stopped, and hence nothing worked! This also however needs to be done for the TabBar View Controller. Click on the tab you want, then set the class of that to be FunnyViewController also. Now you should have a working tab... you can go ahead and set outlets and actions as you so wish now...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The podcast

So, I got pointed to the podcast the other day, and I can't recommend it enough! Very often you hear some nice mixes from local DJs.. and they're good... but nothing amazing; this is different... especially Colin Moore's session. The first half an hour is a foot tapping frenzy of funk & hip hop layered in with familiar samples that make you wanna get up and dance (even when you're on the tube a rush hour...ahem). The second takes you through breaks and all the way up to some drum & bass!

Anyways, go get it.. the site is and the podcast itself can be found here (this link only seems to work under Safari.. question the guys!)

Monday, 13 October 2008 Sample Widget

This is a crafty little widget that I built for

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Evidence for Environmental Issues

So, whilst having a discussion with someone with quite opposite views the other day I realised that I can't quote figure or evidence for global warming. I can repeat things that have been said in the media, but no hard evidence.

Let's start from a level playing field - let's go either way. I would like people to point me toward actual scientific papers (e.g. academic or new scientist style, not the broadsheets' propaganda!) which give evidence both for and against global warming.

Thank you kindly.... comments appreciated!